Anybody For Some *Really* Hot Fudge Brownies?

Since Carin has determined that our new mission is to catalogue any food-related fisticuffs we may come across, here’s a new one.

Stephanie Anne Rydesky is facing assault and arson charges stemming from an exchange that started with her father, Dr. Stephen M. Rydesky asking her to eat a brownie and ended with her wacking him in the mouth with his own cane and trying to grab a knife before burning his home to the ground.

Unlike a lot of these cases, this one seems to have a clear motive as when the younger Rydesky was found wandering near the property by police, she said that she was wanting to commit suicide by way of an overdose or setting herself on fire.

Seems to me a lot of trouble could have been avoided if somebody had simply taken a few seconds to lace the brownie.

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