This Is The Police, I Think

Wow. How could a 14-year-old boy manage to impersonate a cop for five hours? He’s lucky he didn’t get involved in anything super violent, because although he somehow got himself a full uniform, he had no bullet-proof vest, and put a newspaper in there. thankfully he didn’t have a gun either.

His picture is here. does he look like a grown man? And Apparently the only reason he got busted was he didn’t have a * on his uniform and a sergeant noticed this like five hours later.

I think it’s hilarious that the story that says they don’t wwant to mention his name links to a story that has no problem mentioning it. Woops. And I also love how his mom doesn’t seem to be upset with him at all for doing it. I understand her thinking it’s funny that the police didn’t notice, but there’s also the element of “What the hell are you doing? You could have gotten yourself killed, and you just committed a crime!”

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