Pourquoi, Terry

Ug! And you thought White Wedding by Songsmith was bad. Oh oh my my, I can do one better, or worse, or whatever you want to call what I’m about to throw at you, and this one doesn’t even have a machine doing part of the composing.

From the creator of the Victor Reader Stream Rington comes, uh, oh, do I really want to do this to all of you? Well I guess there’s no going back now. From the creator of the song above comes…Merci Louis, a song thanking Louis Braille for…well…braille.

Believe me, I’m thankful for knowing braille and being able to read and all that. But this song…it hurts my brain. It doesn’t even rhyme. There’s no logical pattern about where stuff goes. It’s just a big pile of ideas set to music and I can’t follow it, and sadly, because of my inability to follow it, whatever good message that’s in there gets lost while I’m getting shaken around by this musical confusion. Plus, it has this mysterious power of giving me what I call reverse goose bumps. They’re not the kind you get from a really good song. It’s like the kind you get when something’s gone horribly wrong. This song doesn’t give me the chils, it gives me the shivers!

Terry Kelly, I can tell you have a whole lot of skill, and everybody who has ever met you says you’re a pretty cool guy. Why did you unleash this upon us? Why?

As an aside, I find it ironic that the page on his own website that can let you hear the song appears to have some kind of embedded player with buttons that JAWS can’t find. I’m glad I know a thing or two about source code. er, um, in this case, maybe I’m not.

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