Didn’t Your Mother Tell You It’s Rude To Stare?

I know people like to stare at blind people, especially when those blind people have guide dogs. To all the people who stare, I may not see you, but sometimes others do and point it out. I’m not unaware of the staring phenomenon. If you’re curious, I’d much rather you come up and talk to […]

Oh I’m So Easily Amused

Oh man. We have ourselves a double wammy. the headline is awesome, and there is an aptly-named fellow in the story. The headline? Cop makes arrest in bathroom after smelling crack. So now they don’t just respond to toe-tapping, eh? And the name of the arresting officer? John Lines. Hahahahahaha. Awesome. A story doesn’t get […]

He Didn’t Even Have To Go Out On Patrol To Catch Someone.

Here’s a story similar to that one where that shoplifter gave a false address that just happened to be the address of one of his arresting officers. This time, a drunk driver drove into a cop’s garage and then insisted he lived there. The cop, who just happened to be driving home at the time, […]

I Feel Like I’m Forgetting To Take Something…

Gas station robber ran out of gas, report says About 3:30 a.m. Sunday, a man pulled a 12-inch knife on the clerk of the BP Station, 8675 Placida Road, Cape Haze, the Sheriff’s Office said. The man demanded money and fled, but a customer called 911 and followed the suspect’s white Mercury Cougar before it […]