He Went Ape Shit Crazy

This story about Travis the 200-LB ape who went nuts wouldn’t have been super weird except for a few things.

First, I love the image I have of him getting his hands on the house keys to free himself and unbuckling his seatbelt and getting out of the car to play in the street. I don’t know why those images are so amusing. He’s a monkey, he has pretty human-like hands and a sophisticated enough brain, of course he can unbuckle a seatbelt and grab house keys.

But it’s the idea that the Herolds got him shortly after their daughter died, and then treated him like their child that most grabs my attention. then, when he atacked their friend, they stabbed him with a butcher knife! Gees! I’d hate to be one of their kids. I mean, I wouldn’t know what to do if a monkey was attacking a friend of mine, but I’d think after having him for 14 years, I wouldn’t have to break out a butcher knife to stop him. But what do I know? They did say he had Lyme disease and that’s likely why he went all nuts.

In any case, Mr. Monkey is a dead monkey. He opened a police car door and started lunging at them, and they had to shoot him. And their friend may not make it either. What a sad, weird situation.

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