Wrestling And Randomness, Not Necessarily In That Order

Hey everybody, how’s it goin’? Here’s hoping that you’re all doing well, and that you have not and will not have the misfortune of catching the flu that Carin and I had. She did a mighty fine jobdetailing her experience with itand mine wasn’t nearly that eventful thank Christ so I’ll leave it at this: Don’t get it, it sucks. And even when you’re over it you aren’t really over it. I caught the thing on Tuesday, could hold down food by Wednesday but didn’t have the desire to eat or move or do much of anything until Saturday. Even then I still felt like an arse sandwich until yesterday morning…but talking on the phone for just a few minutes gave me a headache so all is still not quite right. Don’t worryBarb,I still intend on having oodles of fun and good cheer this weekend. How much is an oodle anyway? Is it more or less than a gaggle? Nobody’s ever been able to definitively put that question to rest.

Anyway, enough of this. Let’s talk some wrestling.

I hadn’t been paying a whole lot of attention to the411 Mania wrestling sectionin the last little while, but man am I ever glad I decided to check back in. The reason why can be summed up in 2 simple words.You Tubular.

The concept is pretty simple. Come up with a wrestler from back in the day who for whatever reason is a forgotten part of history and will likely never get a DVD release from WWE, search YouTube and compile a bunch of that person’s matches and then review them.

What a trip down memory lane this stuff is, and not always a good one. Though to be honest, even when it’s bad it’s still very, very great. So far they’ve done Big Bully Busick, The Brooklyn Brawler, Max Moon, Battle Kat, Waylon Mercy, Adam Bomb and Tekno Team 2000. Quite the assemblage of talent(?) to be sure. The amazing thing about it is that even though some of this stuff goes back to the mid 80’s and a lot of it is pretty forgetable, I remember it as if I just saw it yesterday even though in quite a few cases I only saw it once, at the time it aired. In fact I remember more about this crap than I do about what I saw on Raw just last night. Maybe that says more about my horrible short-term memory than it does about the state of wrestling today, but I don’t think so. Think hard. What was the last truly memorable thing you saw in wrestling? I’m having a hard time answering and I asked the question. Certain bumps and small things and a few matches stick out, but there hasn’t really been much that captured the imagination in about the last 7 years that wasn’t ultimately screwed up by piss poor writers or something else equally stupid. WCW invasion anybody?

Speaking of current day wrestling, it was cool to see Christian back on WWE TV. Hopefully they’ll take better advantage of him than TNA did. Shouldn’t be too hard, but WWE Creative has proven that it’s more than capable of holding its own in an ineptitude contest when it wants to. I’m not sure what it means that he was put on ECW rather than in a top level storyline with Edge and the Hardys, but unlike a lot of the internet folks I’ve been reading I’m willing to wait and see. ECW needs some star power and fresh characters so hopefully he can help out in that department.

I need to rant about internet fans for a minute here. I certainly count myself as one of you, but I don’t understand some of you guys at times. the Christian thing is a fine example. You bitch up and down that ECW needs help and that it’s being neglected, then when WWE puts a pretty big name guy there you bitch up and down about how WWE isn’t using him properly because they’re demoting him to the shitty ECW brand. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a lot of faith in the writing team either, but now and again they get something right, and if nothing else Christian can help bring some of the new guys along and help them become better workers and characters. Sometimes it’s best to let something play out and risk being happy rather than find new and fun ways to crap on something for the sake of crapping on it.

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ll talk to you all soon though I’m sure.

Oh, and very much belated happy birthday to Carin. She’s old. Some would say she’s old as the hills, but I’ve got it on pretty good authority that she actually taught the hills history in highschool. I kid, I kid *coughcough*no I don’t*coughcough*.

All right, I’m really going now. Honest. I’m outa here. Finished. Done. Consider this pop stand blown. Walking away. Taking my leave. Exiting stage left. Leaving the building…

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