Look Into My Eyes….Like My Tattoo?

This story about eyeball tattoos, yes, I said eyeball tattoos, is funny because of two sentences.

Even tattoo shops across the metro don’t know what would propel someone to do something like this, but they say it’s unneeded legislation.

Propel? Would that be compel? The use of the word propel in the context of eyeball tattoos gives me the image of someone getting their eyes shoved into a tattoo gun.

This sentance makes me sad because of my immediate response to it.

“Common sense will keep this horrible thing from happening,”┬áKing concluded.

Uh, even though it does seem silly to pass a law like this, we don’t seem to have common sense anymore, so maybe his conclusion is a bad one.

Maybe the eyeball tattoo would do one good thing. It would definitely be an easy way to tell the really dumb nut bars from the rest of us.

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