Fart In The Duck?

I saw this yesterday and wasn’t going to post it, but damn it it won’t leave me alone.

Apparently there is this new trend called Autour Du Mondegreens, or misheard lyrics around the world, where you try and make up the lyrics to foreign songs as if they were written in your first language.

This dutch cartoon, which English-speakers are convinced is called “Fart in the duck”, is supposed to have hilarious captions. Damn me for not being able to see them. I’ve tried to google out what they are, but all I keep getting are more links to the fart in the duck video, along with repeated “ha ha ha those captions, they’re awesome!” Apparently they’re vulgar, the place where I first saw the video said they’re not safe for work. You have been warned.

But this one cracks me up. Some woman on Bulgarian Idol decided she had the song she wanted to sing. She claimed it was called Ken Lee.

Woops. Not so much.

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