Do You See What I Don’t?

I keep hearing this commercial for something called invisible bifocals. Why would anybody want those? They sound like more trouble than they’re worth. Imagine losing them. How would you know when you found them? Actually, how would you know if you lost them to begin with? They are, after all, invisible which means they could be anywhere and you would have no way to tell. I suppose if you were wearing them your vision would be clearer, but how would you put them on in the first place? And now that I think about it, how can you be sure that the people at the store actually gave them to you when you paid for them? They could just hand you an empty glass case in a bag and tell you to have a nice day. You could try to complain and say hey wait there’s nothing in here, but all they would have to say is yeah, you bought the invisible ones. You’d have to believe them and you’d never know for sure. Seems like a poor investment all around to me.

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