Wasted Trip

That has gotta suck. A dude who didn’t want to be identified went to a rest stop and used the john. Then he couldn’t find his keys. Thinking they had gone into the john, he decided to get ’em back. Oh dear. That’s when the trouble started.

He unscrewed something at the base of the waste tank and went in after them, and promptly found himself stuck. He had to wait in there for 10-15 minutes until someone else came by. they called 911 and he was fished out through an access hole used to pump the, um, crap out of and was allowed to clean himself with the fire hose. That’s when he discovered that his keys were right where they should have been…in his back pocket.

I don’t know about you, but I’d think before diving into a tank of crap, I would have checked my pockets a little more thoroughly. But then again, I’m the dope who wonders where in christ my backpack is…which I happen to be wearing at the time.

Oh, and apologies for the chipper circulation director who appears when you click the link and insists on telling you all about getting their newspaper by email. I don’t know if she comes up for everyone, but if she does, sorry.

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