Last week sometime, I noticed a search on our tracker thingy that said something to the effect of “snopes teabag protest mailing.” I looked at that, befuddled and confused. I went to snopes, and found no entries. So I gave it no more thought. Today, I get my snopes newsletter thingy, and Voila!” I now know what they were searching for. And what ahorribly misguided attempt to effect change.

Apparently some numbnuts have decided that to express their disgust at stimulus packages without any transparency, every American should send a teabag to the Whitehouse on April 1, without any note, and they will all arrive by april 15, the tax deadline.


I’m sorry, but sending teabags to the Whitehouse is not going to do anything. If they get through at all due to security reasons, all that’ll happen is they’ll get heaved. Or maybe the president will have a lot of free tea.

If you don’t like the stimulus package, write a letter and express yourself. Don’t send a stupid teabag. Protests with no effort behind them don’t work most times.

Well at least I know what that person was googling. I hope they come back.

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