Doggy Day Is Here Again

Well holy crap, can you believe it? Two years ago today was the big day when I received my Trixter. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been that long, but it sure has. Last year, I summed things up pretty well, so I’ll let that stand on its own. But yup, it’s been another year, another winter, and we’ve made it. since I have no deep words to say, and no doggy journals to revisit, I figured I’d write a doggy hodgepodge.

Mom and dad just came down for a visit, and mom says that Trixie is developing some grey on her chin. Um, eek. She’s only turning 4 in April. Is it normal to already have a bit of grey?

I had something weird happen to me once when I called a cab. I always tell them I have a guide dog with me, just so they won’t send someone who’s either deathly alergic or deathly afraid of dogs. I’d like the one driving me around to be able to focus on the task at hand and not on the fuzzball at my feet. So anyway, a guy showed up and said, “oh! They told me it was a guard dog. I thought it was a little weird, but I came anyway, I’m used to guard dogs…” I told him he deserved a medal, and thanked my lucky stars that he came. I then promptly called the dispatcher and tried to explain to them that it is essential that they not make a mistake like that again. She kept making light of it, saying “Oh oops, I guess the person was in training and didn’t understand.” I told them that that means they have an opportunity to explain things better, because a mistake llike that could land me, or another guide dog handler, cabless in the cold. Eventually I think I got it through their head that guide dog and guard dog are two very different things, and if they’re not sure, they should ask the customer to repeat what they said and not assume. But am I ever lucky there was a brave cabby who was willing to pick me up that day!

Ok, here’s a chance for me to get a little annoyed. Lately, I’ve been running into problems with people bringing their pet dogs into stores, and I’m not just talking pet stores. A while ago when Barb was down to see us, Barb and I went to the bank. We each have a guide dog. As I was getting money, a large dog came into the ATM area and started roofroofroofing and lunging at our dogs. thankfully nothing happened, but the dog barked and lunged several times, and I had a chance to yell repeatedly “What is that dog doing in here?” before the owner quietly and o so gently urged her dog out of the ATM area. “Oh come on. come on. Let’s go.” No! that’s not the damn tone you use when the dog is threatening other people. How about showing some assertiveness? That gentle tone isn’t going to make the dog stop if it really wants to take a piece out of us.

then it happened again at a diferent bank. Somebody came in with their puppy, and when the puppy started freaking, they said “What’s gotten into you?” I looked over and loudly said “I think the puppy sees my guide dog…” at which point human and puppy had made themselves scarce.

I went next door to a convenience store, and as I was walking up to the cash, I heard the cashier say “Watch your dog.” I was puzzled, and then noticed someone was in front of me with another goddamn dog! Not one of these people explained that this was a service dog puppy in training. they just skittered away.

Ok, we have access laws that say only service animals are allowed in stores for a reason. Service dog handlers had to fight for that right. For one thing, the service animal is serving a purpose. They’re not just there for fun. for another, they know how to handle themselves in a store and won’t confront another service dog. At worst, they might try to say hello, but not usually in an aggressive way and then handlers get things under control. If the dog isn’t trained, it shouldn’t be in the store! I shouldn’t have to walk in somewhere and be afraid I’m going to meet some dog who isn’t socialized well. I just don’t understand why there’s such an upswing in people disregarding laws and bringing their pets everywhere.

trixie’s been really weird about our apartment elevator lately. sometimes if the left one opens, she will start backing away from it. Then I have to wait for it to almost close and then reopen it and then she’s fine. the only thing I can think is that elevator might open slightly up or down from where it should and she doesn’t like that. Once it’s almost closed and it reopens, it might have adjusted itself and now she’s happy. That’s the only thing I can figure.

She’s been really loving the fact that spring has sprung. One day when we were out flexiing, she was still walking all tentatively, as if she wasn’t sure if ice was going to pop up. then the next time, she must have realized it was all gone and then she took off like a shot!

Her newest goofy thing she’s started doing when she’s out relieving is completely bury herself under the big bushes out there and then pee. How is that pleasant? Her body is completely draped in prickly bushes! You’re a weird dog.

I think I finally figured out why she was acting like a mountain goat when relieving at the end of the winter last year. She did it this winter too and I should have known. At the end of the winter, the flat spots are more slippery and it’s hard to get traction. It’s easier to dig into the snow banks while dancing around the way she does when she poops. Well at least there’s a reason for the wierd mountain-climbing.

Is that really all I can come up with? That’s just lame, especially for such a special day. Well, happy dog day Trixter. You’re the best.

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