Did I Miss Something?

A long time ago, I read about a case where a 72-year-old woman, Laura Stewart, and her 76-year-old boyfriend, Earl Cross, were arrested for kidnapping Stewart’s 83-year-old sister Evelyn Poynter. They had her tied up in the back of the car and the poor woman had to relieve herself in plastic containers as they drove her for eight hours. They claimed the reason they took her against her will was she refused to leav her house that was in need of repair, so they took her. They were arrested and charged and I thought “good!” You just don’t do that, and they could have killed her from the stress.

Now I see that charges are being dropped and our elderly kidnappers are going to enter some kind of probation program, at the end of which they’ll have no criminal record.

What? why? Huh? I know it was their first offence, but it was one hell of an entrance into criminal behaviour! How could they not know it was wrong? At 72 and 76, unless you’ve gone senile, you know that tying someone’s hands and feet with duct tape and forcing them into the back of a car isn’t close to right by any stretch of the imagination, no matter how stubborn the victim is, and these two didn’t seem senile. they were able to construct a story, and I guess it was convincing enough to get the district attorney to drop the charges. I know it could be argued that these old folks aren’t a threat to anyone, but I beg to differ! They’re at least a threat to ms. Poynter!

I appreciate the fact that there is some room for different levels of punishment for the same crime depending on circumstances, but the different levels of punishment need to fit! this one seems way too lenient.

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