David And the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

David Maksimik may have been able to rob the bank, but the rest of his day profoundly sucked.

First, he crashed his getaway car. Then, he took a bus and a taxi back to his town, at which point his sister gave him a ride to his house. Upon arrival, he found his room-mate unconscious on the floor, so he called 911. Can anyone see where this is going? Hell, who am I kidding? Everyone probably can…except him. When the police arrived, they had heard about the bank robbery, and I guess the description of the robber described dear old David perfectly, and what do ya know? the bank’s missing money was inside a bag on his bed! Busted…oh yeah, and his room-mate wasn’t unconscious, he was dead, and it looked like a suicide.

At least he decided to confess. Maybe he won’t go to jail for as many years as he might have if he chose to not say anything.

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