YUNiTi Update

Wow! All these people are fast. I just posted that thing about YUNiTi’s new captcha scheme. I have already heard from Marcos boyington, YUNiTi’s co-founder. He says the following:

Hi Carin,

Thanks for taking the time to send us an email, and I’m terribly sorry for not providing you with an alternative to contact us! I’m sorry and sad to say that, unfortunately, I know of no way to make it easy for users who are unable to see be able to get through such a captcha.

If we use the usual audio captcha of a voice badly muffled with static, I’m afraid we leave a big gaping hole for bots to crack. Why make a complex software that tries to establish what a 3D object is, when it simply can work through some static and do an audio comparison?

It is truly sad that spammers have made the situation so difficult for all of us – I sure do miss the days when you could fill out a form without having to make out strange characters on an image. Our idea is meant to make that a little easier for some of us, so at least we can simply identify objects with ease (instead of straining our eyes to see a horribly mangled letter).

My brother and myself not being blind, our experience has mostly been with visual captchas (and they, over the years, have gotten on our nerves, thus our new kind of captcha). If you have an idea for making a captcha that is just as effective but for the blind, we’d love to hear it!

– Marcos Boyington

so, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I don’t think I have the brain power to develop a captcha, but someone out there might. I have asked him if I can give out his email to people who ask for it. I certainly wasn’t going to post it here and cause his spam to potentially skyrocket. That wouldn’t be a good way to get into his good books now would it?

So there we go. Maybe we have the guy’s ear. Maybe something can come of this.

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