If I Ever Need Saving, I Know Who I’m Not Calling

Here’s a snip from an article about a bunch of puppies that weresaved from a fire,or maybe not, if this guy is to be believed. When firefighters reached the basement of the home, the same area where it is believed the fire started, they found two adult Yorkshire terriers and 15 puppies. “They were pretty […]

G Is For Gin. G Is For Gun. G Is Also For Go Directly To Jail

It’s time for another instalment of battles over food and beverage. This round features 59-year-old William James Smith of Kansas City, who while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the manner that many tend to celebrate it,shot his daughter in the leg after she cut him off by pouring out what was left of his gin. […]

I Feel Like I Am One With Chicken Tonight, Chicken Tonight

PETA: “Listen, Mr. Governor of Louisiana guy, there’s no need to spend $20 million to help start up a new chicken processing plant in the state. That money could be better spent on a“Chicken Empathy Museum”. Mr. Governor Of Louisiana Guy: “Um…how bout no?” Steve: “Looks like I’ve found me something to post this afternoon.” […]