It’s Not Thrilling To Share The Road With Jo Trilling

Last week I saw Tammy Webb’s story and thought “How could she get away with 3 DUI’s in 6 days?” But at least in her case, they couldn’t figure out what she was under the influence of, and after the last one, they set her bail pretty high. So I thought at least there’s hope. Then I read Jo Trilling’s story and all hope I had was gone. How in hell did the system allow her to commit 3 DUI’s in 3 days?

The first time they found her, she was trying to get out of a drainage ditch, she had only one shoe on, smelled like a distillery, and had a blood alcohol level of 0.21. 0.21! We’re not talking oh she was a touch over the line. She was plastered, sloshed, completely out of her mind drunk. So they arrested her and let her go.

It didn’t take long before she was found trying to drive through a park that was closed for the winter, and although there was no mention of what her blood alcohol level was, she told the officer who came that she was trying to finish up the box of wine she had in her car from yesterday! Box of wine! But what do they do? Jail her and release her after 12 hours!

when they let her go, she hit the road, and the booze, again. Glug glug glug glug…and there she is, arrested again after weaving all over the road. Her blood alcohol level? 0.16. This time, they put her away for a month. Gees! It took long enough!

What I can’t figure out is why being so gone that she hadn’t noticed one of her shoes had gone missing in action wasn’t offense enough to do something stronger than just locking her up for the night. And surely this isn’t the first time she’s been drunk behind the wheel. I know she was from Washington and this happened in Wisconsin, but how the hell was she allowed to drive out of Washington?

I don’t blame the cops. I know they do what they can, and the good ones are frustrated as all hell at how many people get away with it and how few they can catch. I blame the system and judges like Colin Westman who don’t seem to get at all how serious it is and allow repeat offenders to get back on the road in their killing machines.

I’m just happy she never hit anyone during this spree. but there will always be a next time, and when it happens, we won’t be so lucky. I won’t say she won’t be so lucky because she’ll probably come out of it uninjured and babbling about how she was just trying to finish this bottle of rye she had in the car…while they clean up the blood and guts around her.

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