That Squirrel had To Die

Hey squirrels! Get the hell out of Spokane. Park officials have decided you’re too much trouble, so they’re going to detonate you and your tunnels. Yup, seriously. they’ve bought a product called the rodenator that’s supposed to collapse ground rodents’ burrows and kill the squirrels in a humane way. Yeah, because suffocating an animal to death under the rubble of what was its home sounds so humane. Just ask anybody who had friends and relatives die in an earthquake, or in a mine that collapsed. I love how people just throw the word humane in there in hopes of placating people. Just say what your product does, and leaveout the humane part. Spare me the bullshit. Look at that video that shows up on the Rodenator website. does it really sound like they care about being humane? No! Maybe they care about not messing with the rest of the ecosystem. I’ll give them that. But mostly they’re enjoying blowing up squirrels. It makes me think of that cletus T. Judd song “Goodbye Squirrel.

Just for extra fun, here’s a compilation of other rodenatings.

All this over squirrels. I know they can cause problems, but man…this seems a bit much.

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