Unexpected Delivery

Wow. Here’s an amazing story for you. First, we have a couple who didn’t even realize that mommy dearest was pregnant until baby’s head popped out in the bathtub. No, this was not her first child. Second, the 911 dispatcher had only been working for 3 days and not every dispatcher gets a call like this. Everybody did awesome, and there was something amazing and funny about the whole thing. Listen and tell me that isn’t just awesome. There are some damn funny moments in there. I don’t know what’s funniest, the dad trying to scoop placenta into a towel and nearly harfing in it, or when asked if the baby was crying, saying that his wife was crying and then going “Oh the baby! right, the baby!” or the kid talking to the dispatcher, or the time when he goes “Yup, it’s definitely my kid…he looks just like me!” I can’t even imagine not realizing you’re pregnant until…surprise! But I know it has happened, so what do I know?

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