Just For Laughs Puts On A Good roadshow

I feel like such a loser that I haven’t written about this until now. I mean, the show was Wednesday. Oh well, better late than never.

On Wednesday, Steve and I went to the Just for Laughs Roadshow at the River Run Centre and it was awesome. If it’s coming to your town and it’s not sold out, you should go. The house was pretty full. I don’t know if it was quite sold out, but it was close. I know it was close to filled to capacity because whenI called, I asked for seats we could get that would give me a wee bit of foot room for Trixie, and usually that just means an aisle seat or something. Nope, we got a box. there was nothing fancy in the box, it was just a little more roomy. There was definitely more than enough room for the four-legged and two-legged among us.

The show was hosted by Joey Elias. I knew I’d seen him before, but damn he was funny. He kept making fun of the Speed River, a fine name for a river that doesn’t fucking move! How true. I hope I never end up in the hospital and meet a nurse like the one he had…that didn’t speak any official language in the universe, according to him. If I do, all I’ll be able to think is pucka-ta pucka-ta boop boop!

Next up was Rocky LaPorte. He kept calling Guelph “ralph.” I don’t know what it is, but I think just the way he sounds adds to the funny factor. It would suck to have a name like Rocky if every time you introduced yourself, you got a response like “rocky! I have a dog named Rocky…”

Next was John Roy. Holy hell did he make me laugh. the sad part about that clip is it cuts out right at the part that made me laugh really hard. After it ends, he said that Mel gibson blamed his antisemitic comments on being drunk, but he can’t figure that out because he’s been drunk and he’s never spontaneously started hating Jewish people, and when your friend says he’s ok to drive, you don’t ask him what he thinks of the Jews as some kind of sobriety test. Another part I thought was funny, especially considering how many vegetarians there are in Guelph, was when he started saying that vegetarians really like meat. He asked why vegetarians have to disguise tofu to look like meat if it’s supposed to be so good on its own. He said, “If you like girls, but only if they look like dudes, you like dudes!” God that made me laugh.

Last was Louis Ramey. This guy was funny…when he wasn’t being creepy. that joke about there being so many beautiful women in the city that he needed a taser for a guarantee that one of them would go with him didn’t make me laugh, and I like to think of myself as a funny’s funny kind of person. But the rest of his stuff made me laugh a lot, especially the part where he described a deer-hunting trip after he did a gig in Houma, Louisiana. He said he was decked out head to toe in camouflage, but they gave him an orange vest to wear. At first he protested because it kinda threw off the camouflage thing, but they told him that …”Deer can’t see orange.” He knew what they meant, but still managed to picture some dude hucking fruit at deer and finding out that they dodge every single banana, but the oranges hit ’em every time! I probably murdered the joke, but it was funny when he did it. Even funnier was when he said that if deer can’t see orange, why don’t they all just dress in big orange jumpsuits…and then he quickly figured that would be a bad idea, him being a black guy and this being the woods of Louisiana…

So, the moral of the story is it was a good show. If you have a chance to see any or all of these guys, you should.

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