You Go, BMO!

Woohoo! I have just discovered that another bank has gone cool and made all their bank machines accessible to us blinks. I received a press release stating that Bank of Montreal’s bank machines talk, across the board, and I have played with one just to see if it did. And it does!

It has a very similar setup and identical voice to the one at TD. it will blank out the screens for you, describe where stuff is, and this one even advertises to you when you’re waiting for your cash. For some reason that amused me. There was also an option to get your balance before you make the withdrawal. I don’t know if that text would appear on the screen or be printed out on a slip of paper, and I didn’t test it, even though I should have.

But the machine was very easy to use and I had no troubles at all. It even spoke the language screen right from the start, which TD’s machines did not when they were first installed.

Remember when I said I’d consider switching? Although it’s still a vague consideration, it’s becoming a more real possibility.

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