Finally, some Punishment for Filing A Frivolous Lawsuit!

We need more judges like this one. Inez M. Starks sued the city of Warren, several police officers…and…a police dog…because the dog bit her on her buttock and she says it damaged a nerve preventing her from walking without pain. Because she sued the dog, the judge fined her for frivolously suing the animal.

Where was this judge when God and the easter bunny were sued? Hell, where was he when everybody was suing McDonald’s for making them fat, or when that kid’s parents sued Amtrak because their kid got fried after he climbed on top of a train, or when those parents sued because their own kids fell off a stack of milk crates while trying to pull a prank? Need I go on? We need more judges willing to see stupid for what it is, and cut it off at the pass.

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