Sticky Fingers And Cinnamon Bears

I read this story and had to chuckle. It made me think of this restaurant we used to go to years ago. After you’d eaten and they’d given you your bill, they would set a bowl of these little chewy candy frogs on the table…mmm…chewy frogs. And we’d eat them. And we’d eat them. We’d always joke that we wanted to find where their supply was and take it. Well, I guess Nickolette Beth Stewart had a thing for cinnamon bears, and she took a whole barrel of ’em from a restaurant. too bad there was an accidental 911 call from her hotel room. Perhaps her conscience made the call. when police arrived, they found the candy barrel, asked the restaurant if they were missing a barrel of candy, and they were. Apparently the barrel was worth 200 bucks. Unless it had a whole hell of a lot of candy in it, I doubt the candy was worth that much.

Mmm…chewy frogs. too bad they don’t serve those anymore. Hmm. I wonder if Nickolette Beth Stewart paid them a visit too.

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