Radio Shack: You’ve got Items To Return? We’ve Got Angry Employees!

Wow. I’m sure many of us have thought about punching a radio Shack employee, especially after they ask you every question under the sun in response to you buying some batteries, but I would have never expected a Radio Shack employee to punch a customer. Maybe he just snapped because he’s 52 years old and […]

Come On, Feel The Noise, And Run In The Other Direction

In case you ever find yourself amid a cricket infestation, the good folks of Tuscarora, Nevada say they don’t like that old time rock and roll. Seriously. They set out stereos that form a perimeter and blast classic rock music at them. That’s the only weapon they find turns them away. Wow. I wonder if […]

Finally, some Punishment for Filing A Frivolous Lawsuit!

We need more judges like this one. Inez M. Starks sued the city of Warren, several police officers…and…a police dog…because the dog bit her on her buttock and she says it damaged a nerve preventing her from walking without pain. Because she sued the dog, the judge fined her for frivolously suing the animal. Where […]

Give A Man A fish, And You Feed Him For A Day, teach Him How To Fish, And He’s Probably A UK Criminal

Ridiculing the UK really is like shooting fish in a barrel. Now they have another method of getting tough on crime. They’re taking criminals on fishing trips. Uh-huh. They’re also teaching them how to plant plants, get the maximum government benefits, make and remember to attend doctor’s appointments, and tell time. So if they don’t […]

I wonder If The Head Of the Invisible government Talks To Him Too

Every time I try and write about this, my brain shuts down. It just can’t handle this level of insanity and I think it’s trying to protect itself from harm. Certain things I come across have that power, and this is one of them. Ok brain, you have to get through this. It’s for the […]