>A Shocking Lack Of Respect for Electricity

>what’s with people wanting to zap kids lately? First I saw the story of Todd Marcum, who put electric dog collars on his kids and shocked them because he thought it was funny. Real funny. Ha ha ha ha ha. I don’t even like the thought of them for dogs!

Next I saw the story of Walter Schmidt, a prison guard at Franklin Correctional Institution in florida, where else, who thought it would be a fine plan to show his colleague’s kids what it felt like to get shot with a stun gun while the kids toured the facility. This sent at least one of ’em to hospital. Here’s a good quote for ya. “The big shock came when I got fired,” said Schmidt. I think the kids beg to differ.

What the hell’s going on? I guess I’ll have to see if I see more kid-zappings.

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