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31 May, Sun, 15:56:20
fakeguide dog covers

I know you’ll probably never see this, Mr. anonymous search douche, but raaar! If you’re doing what I think you are, you can eat a bag of hell.

Ok, now that I’ve got my rage out of the way, I’ll try and form a more intelligent thought.

Before chomping down on said bag of hell, you can learn to type and form a normal sentence. I believe you tried to search for “fake guide dog covers” which makes me think you were searching for some kind of vest that you can put on your dog to pass him or her off as a guide dog.

The first thing you should know is that guide dogs don’t wear vests, they wear harnesses. Other service dogs wear vests, but guide dogs need to have the handle so they can stay slightly in front of us, ya know, so they can lead us around stuff, which is their, uh, job…

Which brings me to the rage part. I didn’t get a guide dog just so I could bring a pet everywhere with me. She does a service for me. She shows me where steps are, gets me around stuff, follows people, ensures that I go across the street straight and don’t get crushed by cars, finds doors. there’s a reason she’s called a *guide* dog. sure when she’s off duty, we have lots of fun and she’s just a goofy dog, but when she’s working, she’s doing a job.

And here’s the second part of my rage. People who get guide dogs don’t just waltz down to the local pound and pick out a dog and say “this one looks smart. lemme go down to the shoe repair guy and see if he can set me up with a harness thang.” The dogs go through a lot of training so they will be good dogs in public places and will not cause problems for everyone else. Your dog may not be able to handle going on a bus, being in close quarters with lots of people, seeing other dogs, seeing little kids, or who knows what else. I doubt he will know to restrain himself from urinating or defecating at will, since regular dogs do their business when they go for a walk. So, it may not end well for you, the dog, the person or legitimate service dog your dog decides to bite, or the floor of a business where your dog takes a leak or a crap.

After you are long gone, the people with actual service dogs will have to do damage-control. They will have to explain to an uninformed business owner or passer-by that your dog is not the norm. Your dog does not represent service dogs everywhere, and their dog will not do the same things.

People have worked long and hard to ensure that service dog-handlers have the rights they do. It is ass-magnets like you who will ensure those rights will all disappear.

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