Craigslist Is Not A Joke Site, Ok?

What is it with this time of year and people trying to put their kids up for sale? Last year, we had the German EBaby swiftly followed by the Craigsbaby from Edmunton. Now, we have a new one, also a Craigsbaby, from Tampa, and another one who thought the ad on Craigslist offering her baby for sale would be a real laugh and a half.

The 19-year-old woman didn’t use her own baby’s picture, just picked a random baby’s picture off the internet. She put the ad up because she thought it would be funny, then went to police worried she’d done something wrong.

At least this one had the good sense to realize that it’s not a good idea to even pretend to offer up a kid for sale. Too bad she realized that *after* hitting “post”. Apparently the police are still trying to figure out if she has broken any laws.

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