These School Officials Suffered A Dangerous Low In Intelligence

Here’s an example of somebody enjoying having a teeny weeny bit of power.

Caitlin Perry is diabetic. One day, she felt her sugar dropping, so asked her friend to go get her another fruit cup. Her friend did, but before Perry could open it, the cook came over to her, yelled at her, said she’d already had one fruit cup and couldn’t have another, told her she was stealing and despite Perry explaining that she needed it because her sugar was dropping, both kids were hustled off to the principal’s office where Perry was forced to write a letter of apology.

I can’t find it in the version of the story that I managed to find, but “this is True” said that she was smart enough to include in that letter that she didn’t think it would be a problem because her sugar was low.

Once her father got screaming mad and took this to the media, everybody got off their high horses and realized that this was a huge mistake. Well, all the principal will say is that the issue was resolved. I’m really not sure how. But the thing is this wouldn’t have been an issue if the cook and the principal had, uh, listened to what the kid said and stopped acting like they were on a power trip.

The scary part is the dad had taken her out of private school because he knew public schools were supposed to have been trained in helping kids with diabetes. Hmmm. Maybe they took the same training as the officers who dealt with James Bludsworth.

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