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>Students at Winnipeg school assaulted for doorbell-ringing

They were doing exactly what you’d figure, ringing people’s doorbells and running away. A couple of guys caught them and roughed them up a tad. Two of them were taken to hospital with minor injuries while 3 others are said to be ok.

So…where’s the problem? The story presents it as a bad thing and possibly even a crime, but I prefer to look at it as a good practical lesson not to be irritating little shitheads in the future. The people who did this should be commended for their community spirit and love of teaching, not vilified as criminals. These good folks have the right idea. If you catch these kids while they’re still at the doorbell phase, maybe you can keep them from getting to thehose phase,thevomiting off of a bridge and causing car accidents phase,or worst of all, thelight the family home on fire to get somebody but good and wind up killing your father in the process phase.

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