Gone-ba’s Pizzeria

I hope that after the pistol-whipping hit the news, goomba’s isn’t doing so well.

those words were spoken by me in January of this year after I read the story about that guy getting tooled by the owner of a pizzeria when he complained the place got his order wrong. Well, truer words were never spoken. Goomba’s is closed! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Here’s a few words for the Milano, or whatever their name is, family. You act as if this whole thing was unnecessary. I call it consequences. You seem surprised you had no business coming in. well, who would come in and set themselves up for a possible pistol-whipping? Really, who would honestly want your pizza that much?

Also read this story if you can’t get enough of his family’s whining. I’d noticed they were whiny before, and they’ve only gotten louder.

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