>Big Bozeman Wants To Watch You

>Here’s a scary policy that I’m happy to say died a quick and merciful death. The city of Bozeman, Montana decided they wanted to have a real good look at applicants for city jobs. Included in the background check was a request for applicants to tell them about all social networking and web groups they […]

Shoo, PETA, Don’t Bother Me

Ug here we go with more PETA bullshit. I think even flies can smell it and would consider it fine food. President Obama swatted a fly in an interview. PETA decided to seize upon this opportunity and bitch about it, sending him a humane bug catch and release fly trap. This reminds me of something […]

Lets’ Open A Kicking Gilles Blackburn Resort

We’ve talked before about how dumbasses want to ski out of bounds and then don’t want to pay for their own damn rescue. Now, one of those dumbasses may be screwing it up for everyone. Gilles Blackburn and his wife decided to ski out of bounds at Kicking Horse Resort. They got lost for 9 […]

Dude Looks Like an Old Dead Lady

We’ve talked about people trying to claim other people’s social security after the other person crokes, but in order for us to talk about them, usually they bring the corpse in. This time, the guy actually impersonated his mother for years after she died, dressing in drag, wearing a wig, using a cane, and being […]

Your Argument Has No Teeth, And Neither Do You

I was just thinking. We haven’t had a good weirder than weird story in a while. Here’s one. Robert Henry Stahl has a thing for getting in fights with people and then trying to snatch their dentures from their mouths. Why? And how does he know they have dentures? Does he only fight with people […]