>Does She Get Butterflies In Her Shoulder?

>I always joke with a friend that she must be an alien because when she has a problem with something, the pain is never where it should be, and her appendix and gall bladder were not where they were supposed to be. I always ask her how she’s hiding her green skin. Here’s a really big case of green skin. Her stomach, gall bladder, liver and intestines had developed in her shoulder because of a weird thing that happened when she was a baby. Her diaphragm didn’t develop right, and so everything got all twisted up. It could have been fatal, but she was saved.

I just can’t imagine her colon making it from shoulder to butt. I guess there are feet and feet of intestine in there, so they could stretch out and make the journey. That’s a lot of gut.

So if you ever notice someone’s shoulder rumbling, think of Becky Willis.

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