Soul Survivor

This story about a reality TV show where various preachers try to convert atheists twists my head around. Basically, 10 atheists who have been interviewed to assure that they are truly atheists go on the show and a muslim imam, a rabbi, a greek orthodox priest and a monk try to prove the merits of their various faiths. Whoever wins, so I guess whoever converts the most, wins a trip so they can make a pilgrimmage at a site which is important to their chosen religion. “We give you the biggest prize ever; we represent the belief in God. Believe, repent, God will forgive you,” says the show.

There are 2 problems I have with this whole thing. If you’re truly an atheist, why would you go on the show? If you’re going on there, there must be a part of you that’s thinking about becoming religious. Who would go on there knowing they’ll never win the prize? Even if you go on the show to prove a point that you can’t be converted, you should know that you don’t have any hope of proving the point because it can just be twisted into “Well, he didn’t have an open enough mind.” And that will be that. They will edit you to look like a big fool and that will be your role. If you don’t believe me, read the show’s slogan again.

And second, I can’t believe they got four religious leaders to agree to do this. I mean, folks have fights over religion, saying theirs is the only one that exists for real. Would it just turn into a “my god’s bigger than your god” contest?

I still can’t stop laughing at the idea that theologians interview these people to make sure they’re as atheist as possible. Something about that sentence keeps making me snicker.

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