Dear Maggie Laidlaw

Why are you making me look and feel like an idiot? Yes, me personally.

Do you remember 2006? Back when we had that election thing? I used one of my votes on you. I did that because I listened to you speak and read my newspapers regularly and thought you would be a good choice. Having a well-spoken voice that represents my interests in town never hurt anything I thought, so a vote you did receive. and for a while, things were good.

So…what happened?

Well,thishappened.What, exactly, were you thinking? Were you thinking?

You honestly expect me and the rest of us to sit back and say nothing when according to you, in an era where people are losing jobs left and right, half of the city is about to be torn up and rebuilt and public washrooms are falling down and killing people, that the biggest issue facing the citizens of Guelph is cage-free eggs? How ’bout no? Oh, and how ’bout getting your priorities straight? This city has real problems, problems that you’re being paid to work on. I realize that the cage-free egg lobby is paying you too and they have a right to be heard at some point, but 2 hours is way too much time to be devoting to such ridiculousness to begin with, and it’s waaaaaaaaay too much now.

Hopefully I can give you the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe you just made a mistake. Hey, you’re only human, and all humans slip up now and then. Perhaps that’s all this was. But perhaps it’s not, and trust me, I’ll be watching. If I’ve been made to look the fool I’ll be none too pleased, and I’ve got a pretty long memory. I’m not somebody who’s looking forward to being fooled twice, and I hope you’ll use your own memory to remember that come 2010.

Thanks for your time,and thanks, hopefully, for not hijacking Council and making the folks in our Ward feel like morons again.

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