Cute Kid. How Old Is He In Mom Doesn’t Have Her Head Up Her Ass Years?

I’d like to ask a favour of all the parents in the crowd. Please, when your kid turns 1, stop giving out his age in months. It sounds ridiculous. whenever I hear one of you say that little William or Betty is 14 months old instead of a year and a bit or 18 months instead of a year and a half it makes me want to hit something, specifically you for coming off so…I guess pretentiously would be the word, as if your child is far too important for conventional units of measure. I once had a mother tell me when I asked that her boy was 24 months old. Seriously, how stupid is that,and who talks that way? A person’s age, though it involves numbers, should not be a math equation that I am required to solve. The answer to the question should be the answer to the question, not deflected back at me in the form of another question in a subject I’mbad at. The kid’s 2, no need to make it complicated. You don’t hear me going around telling people that I’m 355 months old, because that would be dumb. Hmmm, maybe I should start whipping that one out on the baby people to make a point.

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