Dear Mylo:

You live in the building with me, and have for at least as long as I’ve had Trixie. You’re a little dog. In fact, I can hold your head in one hand. I don’t know what kind of dog you are, but you’re small. What exactly is your issue with Trixie? If I’m out alone, like if I go to the pool and I see you, you’re as docile as docile can be. But if you can see Trixie from half-way across the parking lot, you start to strain on your flexi…why your owner walks you on a flexi in the parking lot I’ll never understand…but anyway. You strain on your flexi and gr’r’r’r’r’r’rowl, gr’r’r’r’rowl, roof! roofroofroofroof! Gr’r’r’r’r’r’rooof! What are you, the new Teddy? But Teddy just barked at everything. You seem to have it in for Trixie. Why?

When I first used to meet you, I just thought you wanted to meet her and play. But you’ve been making it clear lately that you don’t want to play, you want to defend your territory. For the past few mornings and evenings, I’ve had the misfortune of meeting you while taking Trixie out for her business, and your response has been the same. Gr’r’r’r’r’rooof! Roofroofroofroof! Gr’r’r’r’r’r’r’ooof! You would never know by that giant bark that if Trixie wanted to, she could eat you for breakfast.

A few months ago, when your owner thought it would be fun to let her little nephew hold you, you broke away, broke for Trixie, and I think tried to get underneath her and start biting at her. I couldn’t move because it was so slippery and icy. Then your owner came and scooped you up, apologizing profusely. I was glad she came, but mad that she didn’t act faster. I mean, I had about 30 seconds of warning that you were going to get away. I could hear you straining on that blasted flexi as hard as you could. All Trixie was doing was taking a damn crap!

Do you do this with all dogs, or do you just hate Trixie? What in hell did she ever do to you? If you do this with all dogs, you may meet an untimely end. You’re too small for that crap. I know, you have to make up for your size somehow, but actually physically attacking another dog who outweighs you by a lot is probably not a good idea. go take some obedience classes or something, and leave us alone! Contrary to what you think, this building *is* big enough for all of us.

Hoping We can be friends,

Carin and Trixie

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