Another One Of Those Site Overhauls

We’re such fools. We’ve had the ability to categorize all of our posts for years and never bothered to do it as we went like smart people would do, but now that we’re creeping up on 4000 posts and things are getting harder and harder to find it’s the perfect time to go all the way back to 2003 and tag everything by hand. Yeah, not too bright, we know.

Anyway, I’m telling you this since for the most part you’re a pretty observant lot and have likely noticed the labels at the end of some of the newer posts. Eventually every post will have them, which will make things a lot better for you and for us. You can read all of our theme stuff all in one place, and we can find it when we want to link back to something instead of having to rely on our not so perfect memories and search engine. For now there will be huge gaps in what’s listed under each label, but we’ll be filling those in over time. when it’s all done we’ll put them all in the sidebar near the archives so you will always have easy access to them,but you can also click from within the posts if something catches your attention. Nothing should break while we’re doing this, but should doesn’t always mean won’t. If you run into any trouble, let one of us know and we’ll try to fix it when we’re done screaming and throwing things.

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