It’s The Giant Logic Hole Right Outside Your Window

So I’m sitting here listening to the Jays game (Jays are leading 7-4 in the bottom of the 6th) and I had a thought. Not so much about the game itself though it’s a fun back and forth that you should start watching if you happen to see this in time, but about thosegoddamn Super8 commercials that play Ad nauseam(see what I did there?). We established earlier that they’re annoying, but it occurred to me just now that they’re also stupid.

Follow me here. The basic idea is that Joanna is sitting in her office doing whatever she does for money on a day to day basis and at random times a giant talking motel billboard starts screaming marketing messages at her. We know there are other people in the office because the sounds of ringing phones and other people talking are in the background, yet nobody seems to be even the least bit concerned. This leaves only 2 possibilities: either everybody is so completely zombified by their mundane tasks that they can’t be bothered to react which says a lot about the effectiveness of the advertising, or Joanna is insane and nobody else can hear what’s going on…which begs the question, if it’s option 2, how can we hear it? Who’s recording the voices in this poor woman’s head and how, and why are they shipping those recordings to the radio station instead of trying to get her some help? That just seems cruel, don’t you think?

By the way, it’s now 8-4 Blue Jays in the Super8th inning. Seriously,that’s what they call it on the radio broadcasts. I think I’m doomed to be tormented by this place until the end of time, or at least until crazy Joanna snaps and starts laying waste to soupright signs.

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