The Wearable Tool

Isthe Wearable Towelreally something the world was crying out for? Are regular towels honestly so complicated that you need “the towel with arm openings!”? what about bath robes? Putting on your clothes? Yes? Ok, just asking.

I’ll say this for it though. It sure is nice to know that not only can it be worn as a tunic or a toga, but that it is also perfect for wearing with family and friends. Because when I’m picking a towel, my main concern is what will the fellas at the pub think or is this the right outfit for Christmas dinner with the in-laws? These concerns are closely followed as I’m sure you can imagine by boy, I hope I’ll be able to use my hands while I have this here towel on.

If you can figure out how to click your mouse without accidentally getting naked in the public library, you can order onehere.

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