Dude Looks Like A Cripple: The Aerosmith Concert Watch Continues

Well…guess Steven Tylerisn’t as okasI had heard.

Turns out the fall from the stage messed him up but good, to the tune of a broken shoulder and stitches in the head. Stitches in the head don’t mess up your tour when you’re rock and roll, but a broken shoulder, that’s a little different. I’ve never broken one but having seen people who have I know it’s a bitch of an injury to recover from.

People in the Aerosmith camp are trying to be optimistic, but I also read a comment elsewhere from somebody apparently in the know who said it would be a miracle if the tour continued. At this point it might be for the best if it doesn’t…as long as the pricks at Ticketmaster give me my money back if the dates are scrapped. and when I say give my money back, I mean all of it, none of this forfeiting service fees business. if no service is rendered, no fee should be pocketed. Ok so the processing fee I don’t mind so much since I ordered over the phone and the person I talked to was quite helpful and had to do actual work, but the venue charges and such, that’s different.

I’m sure not many of you care whether or not I go to the concert, but I’ll keep you posted anyway because I can.

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