Visitors Are Like Fish. After 3 Days, They Start To Smell…Because They’re Dead

Don’t overstay your welcome if you’re visiting Leslie Edward Smith. He’ll shoot you from close range in the chest and basically call 911 to deal with disposal.

Just listen to that 911 call. He sounds like quite the prize. “No I don’t wanna help her. this is ridiculous, I just shot her!” I did have to snicker with him once though because the operator asked him if the victim was awake and he said no, and then later on she asked if the victim was alert and he said “no!” But I think a 911 dispatcher is allowed to ask a few versions of the same question to make sure she’s clear on what he’s saying.

Incidentally, 911 calls take forever to get a response! I know they’re doing their best, but holy lord every 911 call I’ve ever talked about on here is sooooo long!

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