A Message To Those On Messenger

Here’s a note to all my MSN contacts: When I say I’m at work, unless you’re one of the people I work with or you have something you desperately need to tell me that can’t for some reason go in an email, don’t message me. Just don’t. I have it on because the people I work with have offices on several floors, so sometimes we exchange files. I put a comment on it saying I was at work, and no less than five people messaged me, some people saying “I know you’re at work, but…”

Hellooo! If I could shut off my Messenger at work, I would. I don’t have it on because I’m bored or something. Sometimes when extra windows open, it gets in the way of doing the stuff I have to do.

So please, when I say I’m at work, don’t message me, ok?

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