Up, Up And In Flames, My Lighter Fluid Balloon

Why do I get the sense that these idiot kids started out playing either kick the flaming ball or lighter fluid tag?

Note to the parents of the 12-year-old: Your son is a maniac, get him some help before he kills somebody.

Finally, the kids admitted to filling a water balloon with lighter fluid and the balloon broke, soaking the 13-year-old boy’s clothes. On the way to change out of the soiled clothes, the 12-year-old lit his friend on fire.

Doucette says the 12-year-old lit the victim on fire again after the first flames were put out.

The 12-year-old has been charged with arson. What, no attempted murder?

Oh, and note to the 13-year-old: Find one of those dictionary thingies and look up the word friend. You’ll notice that nowhere in there will you see it defined as anything resembling one who lights another on fire.

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