I’m Looking Over, My Cooked dog rover, who I Left In My Hot, Hot, Car

I saw something today while I was out running errands that made me mad, so I figured I’d write it down. As I left the last place where we were going, I noticed my god, it had gotten warmer. At the same moment as I noticed that, I heard the sound of yapping dogs. I was being helped to the street by a guy from the store and I asked him, “Are those dogs inside a car?” The answer came back. “yeah, stupid yapping dogs.” I told him that it wasn’t the yapping that bugged me, it was the fact that their owner had left them inside a hot car on a hot day. Nonchalantly, he said, “Oh I know, and they don’t even have a window open either.” that was it. I told him they could die, and even if they had cracked the window, it wasn’t enough, and that cars heat up much faster because they’re self-contained, yada yada yada. He stil didn’t care. I looked straight at him and said “Look, if I could see that license plate, I’d take it down and call it in myself. Please help those dogs.” Finally, after going on about how he was taught to mind his own business, he said he’d go talk to the owners. I begged him to do something, because I would be thinking about those little things for the rest of the day.

People people people! It’s not safe to leave your muts inside a hot car. Think of them like a baby. Would you leave your baby in a hot car? If you don’t believe me, believe the Humane Society of Ottawa.

And about that “minding you’re own business” crap, yeah it’s good to not be involved in everybody’s stuff, but if someone’s in danger, should you just mind your own business? I should hope not.

I hope those yapping dogs are still alive to yap another day.

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