To Have A shot At Being Proven Innocent, He’ll Need A Whole New Identity

I couldn’t find much to post, so I went back and found the story of this dumbass robbing a store in full view of security cameras. It’s not the fact that he robbed a music store in front of 8 security cameras that made me want to put it up, although that’s pretty stupid. It’s more that

  • he’s a regular customer at the store,
  • whose name and number are written down in a book where customers request rare CD’s,
  • and he just finished writing his name and address on a CD that he wanted them to hold for him. Only after he’d finished putting down his name and number did he reach for the dough.

Way to go, dork. Amazingly, he did manage to get away. I’m not worried. I’m sure they’ll find him soon.

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