>Big Loo

>The other day, Steve asked me about something I had never noticed. He said, in old clips about robots, why are they pronounced like ro-bits?” I had never heard them talked about like that, so he told me about an ad for something called “Big Loo” that was some silly toy that was supposed to look like a space robot. I’d never heard of it, so I went off in search of this Big Loo. Since YouTube has everything, here’s Big Loo, and yes, it is referred to as a ro-bit.

So why were they ever pronounced that way, and what brought about the change to robot the way we pronounce it now?

And on the subject of Big loo, what the hell does he look like? Was he heavy? Should we consider him the grandfather of Spike? And what in god’s name is he saying in that commercial? If all ten phrases are this incomprehensible, he might as well not talk. Did he walk on his own, or did you have to pull him? Did you have to fill him with batteries? they talked about batteries for his eyes but nothing else.

What a strange toy. Back in those days, he was expensive. You had to shell out 10 bucks to buy Big Loo, your friend from the moon. But he seemed to be well-loved. In searching for the ad, I found people on the hunt for Big Loo because theirs was sold as a child, etc. I guess Marx made a killing with this thing.

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