Brain Crash Cab

Remember back when I said Cash Cab’s contestants are smarter than Chain Reaction’s contestants? Well, I think I may have to take that back. I saw two dumb herds of people on cash cab that I think might fit right in on Chain Reaction. I wish I could find videos of these dorks. To make things even worse, these groups were on two different episodes.

One troop of them got a question similar to “What annual race goes from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, and involves 16 dogs and a musher?” They didn’t have the foggiest. When they called their friend, they said she said the “itarod.” Even then, they didn’t clue in that it was the Iditarod. Adam tried to save them, but oh no, it was the “itarod.” Those dorks couldn’t even manage to get more than 1 $25 question right, and they eventually got the boot from the cab.

Our next couple spent more time giggling and going “Oh my god, that’s Adam!” than answering questions. they needed a street shoutout to find out what was the common name for the Canadian fleet of military planes that due aerobatics at air shows. The question was something like that. the answer was the goddamn Snobirds, but they hadn’t the foggiest. These lucky dumbasses did manage to make it to their destination, but even after doing the double or nothing question, they only managed to earn $150. $150? Are you serious? Uh-huh, I am.

So, I guess not all Cash Cab packs are created equal, and there are some really, really, really really dumb folks who get in the Cash Cab. But why did I have to see two groups of ’em in one night?

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