He Said There Are Other fish In The Sea, She Said She Had Other Fish To Fry

Yikes. This unnamed woman from Pasadena is either crazy, spiteful, or a little of both. After a fight with her ex over jewellery, she took, and fried, seven of his goldfish! It’s too bad they don’t say her name, because I think people need to know who she is. If they wind up living with […]

He Certainly Put the Poo In Pool

Ug. Now there’s something I wouldn’t want to have happen. A Florida family suddenly heard something crash into their pool screen and fall into their pool. It turned out to be a naked, drunk man covered in poop. Yup. When they recognized him, he ran away, but police tracked him, Robert Stark Higgins, down. All […]

It’s Not Called "Death To The Infidels On Capital Hill"

I saw this article on Snopes, and the sentiment behind the quoted email made me too angry for words. Some people got upset about the Islam on Capital Hill gathering and started sending this email around saying things like As I received this news, the Lord immediately brought back to mind the words that He […]

Watch The Watch…Or the Bird…Or the Watch…Or the Bird…

A while ago, I mentioned the infamous incident with a room-mate and a talking watch, and I said that I had to tell that story at some point. I feel like telling it today. I believe it was a spring day, and we were all doing stuff to do with school or cleaning the house. […]

Did He Get The Injuries After the Police Found Out He Was Wasting Their Time?

Here comes another fake kidnapping. I’m really starting to consider creating a tag for tracking these. This unnamed guy from Cambridge made up a story about being attacked outside Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill, where he was knocked unconscious, thrown into a car, later to be dropped off in Woodstock where he discovered his wallet […]