Take Another Stab At It, Or I’ll Take A Stab At You

The story of a dad holding a knife to his daughter’s cheek until it bled because he was mad at her for not getting her homework done called to me for three reasons. first, there is the obvious one. what kind of dad are you that you would do that? You hit her in the arm, then you made her head hit a cabinet and then you held a knife to her cheek until it bled. You have some serious anger problems to deal with. Get some help.

Second, the wording of the headline killed me. The whole story has significantly changed now, but it said something to the effect of “dad holds knife to daughter’s cheek over problems with homework.” It was like if the kid had gone and wet the bed, now that would be a good reason. Is there ever a good reason to holda knife to your kid’s cheek? The only one I can see is if they were holding a knife to your face, but that’s a stretch.

And I find it ironic that after he did what he did, she was kept from school until the cuts and bruises healed. So now, she can have more homework…and the cycle continues. Way to go, Pops.

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