Part Of this complete Blech-Fest

God damn it, this post should be easy to write. It’s ready-made, just like what I’m about to describe. But I’m having a hard time getting started because of my uncontrollable urge to go blech! Ok, I think the heaving is under wraps.

So…if you’re a fan of the pre-boiled egg, why not crack open a can of bacon? Mmm mmm good. Don’t ya want to after reading the following description?

And Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon is the very best canned bacon we’ve ever tasted. Not mushed up like dog food, this bacon is in actual strips – blessed with the magic of preservatives to last over 10 years in the can. Sure, you have to refrigerate after opening, but we bet you’ll eat it all too quick to worry about that. Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon – the zenith of canned bacon!

Well at least it doesn’t taste gross like the whole chicken in a can apparently does.

Hey, why not make your breakfast completely worthy of blech by having some pancakes made from sprayed pancake batter and coffee out of a self-heating can? Eek.

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